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Avalanche Courses and Presentations Avalanche Courses and Presentations

Avalanche Courses and Presentations

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MNGS offers a range of educational activities regarding avalanche safety and awareness. Considering that 90% of victims start the avalanche that catches them, it is imperative to gain insight into this complex phenomenon as a fundamental part of learning any winter sport. Every individual who enjoys off-piste skiing, freeriding, snowshoeing, sledding, climbing or winter hiking needs to understand the fragility, dynamics and capabilities of avalanches. For this reason GuideSource offers:

AVI Awareness Safety Presentations

MNGS Avalanche Presentations are regularly taught in english, throughout the months of December, January, February and March, at both public and private schools. We also offer these free talks to Scout Troops, clubs, and other groups of young people and students, as a public safety service. These slide show presentations are taught by licensed Himalayan mountain guides / avalanche instructors with decades of experience in avalanche safety, rescue and high altitude ascents.

For adult groups, businesses, corporations and organizations we make these presentations for a small fee, which we contribute to the Education for Orphans of Nepal (EON) charity. A description of these presentations can be found below.

2-day Avalanche Course – Level I

MNGS teaches Avalanche Courses from Level 1 to Level 3, however the Level 1 course is so complete and applicable to the activities of most outdoor enthusiasts, it is probably the only course most people will ever need. Read the description below.

Avalanche Awareness Snowshoe Outings

These easy 4-6 hour snowshoeing outings are offered most winter weekend days – just ask or check our events Calendar. (Learn about these on our Snowshoeing page by clicking here).



Avalanche (AVI) Awareness Safety Presentations are offered as a public service to communities, corporate groups, schools and clubs. Programme lengths can range from 30 minutes to two hours, according to your scheduling needs, and talks can be customized to the specific activity of participants. These AVI Safety Presentations were specifically designed to address the interests of all snow sport enthusiasts, school students, off-piste skiers, freeriders, snowboarders, snowshoers, and climbers. Local schools like the International Schools in Geneva, local Scout Troops, and corporations like Dupont Nemours have taken advantage of these talks to increase the knowledge base and overall safety of their employees and students, to enhance their safety while enjoying Winter recreational activities.

AVI Presentations are designed to:

  • Introduce and explain where, when, and why avalanches occur
  • Describe who gets caught and the common reasons
  • Provide important information about staying safe in the backcountry while skiing, sledding, snowshoeing or enjoying any off-piste activity
  • Explain various designs of avalanche safety equipment, its limitations and usage

An Avalanche Awareness Safety Presentation demonstrates examples of avalanche warning signs, reasons that dangerous situations develop, and the basic characteristics of potential snow instability. It fosters awareness of risky possibilities and helps reduce the chance of becoming a victim through the application of informed decision-making models.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Enhancement of interpretation of avalanche bulletins and weather reports
  • Recognition of basic clues of potential avalanche danger (the ‘5 Red Warning Flags’)
  • Understanding the basics of planning and making informed choices in avalanche areas
  • Appreciation of a judicious approach in avalanche terrain vs. common group dynamics
  • Significance of training in companion rescue techniques & equipment design, familiarity and use

These PowerPoint presentations demonstrate the designs of various avalanche safety equipment (transceiver beacons, ABS packs, various probes and shovels), and discuss local case histories, while encouraging questions and participation from the audience. Participants that are more than casual users of the backcountry can learn about specific topics taught during a multiple-day avalanche course.

Cost: To schedule a presentation at your business, school or group, simply contact us. Again, school talks are offered for free. Any presentation fees paid by businesses are donated to the Education for Orphans of Nepal Charity (EON) and are 100% tax deductible. 



MNGS offers this two-day (weekend) course to train participants in all aspects of basic avalanche safety, decision-making, snowpack/slope stability testing, weather interpretation, the interaction between Terrain – Snowpack – Weather – Humans,  and the most modern/efficient companion search and rescue techniques. Upon completion of this course participants should know how to travel intelligently in the backcountry, and what to do if an avalanche occurs. This is a necessary course for everyone concerned about staying safe while off-piste, and intelligently enjoying any Winter activity.
During the course participants will:

  • implement evaluation techniques to determine slope and snowpack stability, and learn various shear and compression tests
  • receive an MNGS AVI Course Notebook to keep as an academic / personal reference
  • learn efficient use of various transceivers, probes & shovels to quickly effect a rescue
  • gain insight into making wise choices when faced with unfavourable circumstances
  • learn how to recognize and interpret the ‘5 Red Warning Flags’ of AVI potential
  • learn to plan a Winter outing to avoid dangerous situations and adjust to changes
  • understand how to recognize avalanche terrain and “Terrain Traps”
  • learn about the types/classes of avalanches and their characteristic behaviours
  • learn the relationship between Weather, Snowpack, Terrain & Humans (Triggers)
  • interpret weather reports, influence of recent weather history, limitations of the European Avalanche Scale, observable natural AVI clues
  • practice safe travel methods in off-piste (potential avalanche) areas
  • apply Decision-Making Models to determine how to intelligently plan outings
  • understand various avalanche transceiver designs, uses, limitations, and how to best choose AVI gear and make informed purchases
  • practice the most modern search techniques to find buried victims (with and w/o beacons)
  • practice rapid methods of determining location of buried victims (with one or numerous partners)
  • use the best probing and extrication methods for fast victim recovery
  • learn about the strong psychological factors influencing group decisions (i.e. ‘Herding Instinct’; Dynamicity’ effects), and the mistakes most often made in risky situations

Differences in equipment, idiosyncrasies of various beacons and professional methods of search and rescue are practiced in the field. *NOTE: Course completion entitles participants to reduced prices of BCA avalanche safety gear. Advanced booking only. No previous experience needed.

Cost: 420€ weekend/person – all equipment provided free of charge. Private group bookings available.